About Mylena

Mylena Sofronas is a visual storyteller, who is specialised in illustration and animation. She is currently studying Illustration/Animation at the University St. Joost in Breda, and she hopes to graduate this year. Beside studying design, Mylena works as a beauty advisor at a cosmetics store and has a degree in make up artistry. Her fascination for fashion, beauty and cosmetics leads to a very, modest, decorative illustration style. Mylena is very fascinated with urban sketching and live drawing, which conforms with her illustration style. She creates both traditional and digital art work. Mylena likes to draw inspiration from fashion, cosmetics, pop-culture and luxury lifestyle. 


From her interest in personal development and growth as an artist and professional, the blog ART BLOCK was born. Art block, also known as creative block, is something that is all too familiar for many artists and designers around the world. Art block is a mental block, that holds a creator back from creating new art work. It can be the feeling that you have no inspiration, the feeling that you have no ideas, or you don’t know how to draw the image that you have in mind. Every letter of the title stands for a blog post. 

A – Attack art block with a timer

R – Routine

T – Tips from pro’s

B – Blank page

L – Lack of inspiration

O – Overthinking

C – Can’t think of something

K – Keep it simple

The little female character that lives on the blog takes you, the reader, on a journey to battle art block. The character leads you through the different posts and provides solutions to get rid of the blocks, the things that cause art block. Remove the art blocks post for post and let nothing hold you back to create lots and lots of art work!

Don’t hesitate to use the following tags when you post your work on social media, so Mylena can see and share your wonderful art :

#battle_artblocks #allbout_theprocess

“Let’s get rid of all the things that hold us back from creating. Often the most difficult thing is to start. I collected solutions that different designers, artists and other creative professionals have come up with to remove whatever is blocking you and start creating.

I love what Austin Kleon said in his book Steal like an artist. He mentions that you can decide for yourself what advice and information works for you and what doesn’t. So take what you can use and leave the rest. Develop you own creative process that helps you be productive.

I hope this blog will help you to get rid of art block and start creating. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

– Mylena

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