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10 Instagram profiles every fashion illustrator should know about

There are so many great artists out there on social media. Here are some amazing Instagram profiles you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

1. Draw a dot

For Marcus Kan, the founder of Draw a dot, it all started with a blog he created in late 2009 ‘Fusion of effects’. In 2011 he became a contributor to an online magazine and curated illustration projects. When he created Draw a dot in 2013 he had already met a lot of fashion illustrators, photographers and designers.

Draw a dot is an online platform that showcases fashion illustrations from all around the world. Iconic for the platform are the open calls. Draw a dot collaborates with amazing fashion designers and brands like Burberry, Coach, Mary Katrantzou, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Viktor & Rolf and Versace. Any illustrator can participate and send in a fashion illustration for the open call. Six illustrations will be showcased on the @drawadot Instagram and one lucky winner will be chosen by the designer or brand.

Participating in the open calls can create great exposure for your work.

2. influencer Noonoouri

Meet Noonoouri : a virtual influencer, created by Joerg Züber. Noonoouri is a curious and cute influencer who exudes couture, fashion and beauty. As a virtual character Noonoouri is fascinated by real people. She is a global citizen. Which means she can come from any background. She lives in Paris, is 20 years old and 1.50 meters tall. As digital influencer she reports about news and events that happen in fashion and pop culture. Noonoouri also tries to make the world a better place by raising awareness about global problems. She occupies herself with topics such as nature and human rights.

3. Piet Paris

Piet Paris is a dutch fashion illustrator, who has a graphical illustration style. He is fascinated by different shapes, which leads to his work being quite abstract. He creates his work using techniques like collages and stencils, trying to find the perfect shapes. He works with a large variety of brands within the fashion industry like Viktor&Rolf, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

4. Astrid Vos

Another Dutch artist that lives and works in Amsterdam is Astrid Vos. Her work is inspired by fashion and beauty. A fascinating aspect of her work, is her specialization in live drawing. This is the act of creating illustrations in the moment itself. She does this at events like fashion shows and events of fashion brands. She also makes a broad quantity of work, because of her fluent and spontaneous illustration style. This way of operating as an illustrator leads to vibrant and lively artworks.

5. Megan Hess

If you are always drawn to fancy images and chique fashion brands, you will adore this artist. These elegant, glamorous figures are created by Megan Hess, who creates her own fantasy world of fashion. Her style can be described as elegant, and aesthetic. She works and lives in Australia, where she collaborates with different fashion and luxury brands. Megan Hess mainly makes prints, but she has a significant variety of projects.

6. Donald Robertson

Donald Robertson is the creative director of Estee Louder Companies, that owns multiple brands like Estee Louder makeup/skincare, and Clinique. His work is very experimental and playful. He creates everything that comes to his mind. He doesn’t only work on paper or canvas, but sees everything as an opportunity to make an artwork out of it. For instance walls, cereal and Lucifer boxes, wallpapers, food packaging, etc. Donald is very well known in the Unites States, where he also lives.

7. Hayden Williams

Hayden Williams is a British illustrator who has found his fame mainly through social media. He works with many fashion brands and celebrities. His work is inspired by the fashion scene and pop culture. For example, he has made amazing illustrations of people like Ariana Grande, Nicky Minaj, Kim Kardashion, and many more. One of his projects was illustrating the packaging of a Kylie Cosmetics makeup line. He also designed a clothing line for the brand MissGuided. He mainly draws people, and he has a very typical style. He makes the people look like elegant fashion dolls, with extremely long legs and faces with accentuated cheekbones, jawlines, big eyes, and plump lips. In line with the classical beauty ideal in the global fashion industry.

8. Crystal Artist Sara Shakeel

Crystal artist Sara Shakeel tells a story in her art works by accentuating elements in photographs with glittering and shiny crystals.

I chose this image from her Instagram because I think the idea behind it is really interesting. She highlights the things with glitter, that we usually want to cover up, to show that flaws are what make you interesting and beautiful.

This reminds me of Japanese ceramic that they repair with cold or silver. The philosophy behind it is that the bursts add to the beauty of the object because it’s part of its history. I looked it up and found out it’s called Kintsugi. The same philosophy can be applied to this artwork.

9. Julie Houts

Julie Houts, called “Instagram’s favorite illustrator” by Vogue, lives and works in Brooklyn. She is known as @joleeloren. The illustration below belongs to a series of illustrations that Julie Houts created where she visualized people during fashion week. While quotes are spread on social media platforms about being yourself, fashion is a lot about being seen and recognized. In her illustrations Jullie Houts comments in a humoristic way on the conflicting messages that are being spread every day.

10. Wendy Buiter

Wendy Buiter, a dutch artist based in Rotterdam, creates beautiful portraits with confident women that are inspired by fashion and beauty. She has a background in makeup artistry and was the owner of her own company. She sold her company to become a fulltime artist. A right path to take because her work is very well-known in the Netherlands and through social media in the rest of the world.

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