Get rid of art block and start creating!

A – Attack art block with a timer

R – Routine

T – Tip’s from pro’s

B – Blank page

L – Lack of inspiration

O – Overthinking

C – Can’t think of something

K – Keep it simple

How this website works..

This is your workplace. Nice, colorful, inspirational, designed by you to be productive and create wonderful art work. You wake up; get ready; get yourself a cup of coffee and you’re ready to get started!

Then.. this happens.


Go on a journey with the female character on this website and battle art block ‘block’-post for ‘block’-post!

Every letter of the title ART BLOCK takes you to a page that each focuses on a different cause of art block and provides different solutions to help remove the blocks that cause art block, so they can no longer get in your way to start creating new art work.